I’m Still Sick 6

I’ve been sick since last week yet I’ve been going to work everyday; I’m late on a project and said I’d do everything possible to get back on schedule.

It’s snowing heavily today. The snowflakes are like feathers, gliding down like that feather in the Forest Gump movie, except there are billions of them. I walked to the drug store to get cough medicine and a lotto ticket, and the snowflakes clung to me like confetti.

6 thoughts on “I’m Still Sick

  1. Reply Chris O Apr 16,2004 11:08 am

    i’m still sick too. wtf, this shit won’t go away!

  2. Reply Jody Apr 16,2004 11:11 am

    What happened to your Contact-C miracle cure?

  3. Reply Pender Apr 16,2004 3:46 pm

    It ain’t so miraculous cause he told people about it.

    I’m not sick, I blame everyone else’s weak genetics for allowing them to get sick.

  4. Reply Chris O Apr 16,2004 5:15 pm

    the contac C worked well for what it was intended. clearing my congested head, and the coughing. now i just have the constand slightly congested nose. i blow out a liter of snot a day……. it never ends.

  5. Reply Chris O Apr 16,2004 5:16 pm

    man, that is some bad grammer. i will not request and edit feature though! *constant and litre*

  6. Reply Ryan Apr 19,2004 10:14 pm

    Funny, your correction was loaded with spelling errors too.

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