I Got Me A Gmail Account

Thanks to the LibrarianInBlack, I now have a Google Gmail account.

It looks a lot like Yahoo!’s email service except they use “labels” instead of “folders” to categorize emails, and there’s that 1 gigabyte limit. I’ll use it occasionally for testing, and if I’m happy with it, I may use it permanently.

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5 Responses to I Got Me A Gmail Account

  1. peat says:

    Yay. I saw that you asked me for one and then got sick and forgot to answer you. If I would have had an extra it would have been all yours.

  2. Jody says:

    No big deal; just a neat-to-have. It’s not like anyone NEEDS one.

  3. Ahmad wahiba says:

    how are you

  4. Ahmad wahiba says:

    i am fine

  5. Pender says:

    No, you’re not.

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