The Real First Star Wars III Trailer

I’ve been getting a ton of hits today from people searching for Star Wars III Trailer (since it was released today). Their search is taking them to my The First Star Wars Episode III Trailer post. has made the geniune Star Wars III trailer available since the official Star Wars site is being swamped now.

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  1. Phillip says:

    STAR WARS fans with a dial-up connection can view some screenshots from the trailer here.

    1. Anakin turned to the dark side (with yellow eyes).
    2. A guy riding a big insect through lava.
    3. A CGI Chewie.
    4. Some ships fighting.
    5. Yoda getting ready to kick ass.
    6. R2-D2 strapped in tight.
    7. A whole bunch of CGI wookies.
    8. One evil-looking mother (new character).
    9. Fire-fighting ship putting out a fire.
    10. More ships on fire.

    There are other shots of Obw-wan and Anakin fighting, Sam Jackson’s character fighting, a gold-plated C3-PO, a shot of the Emperor and what’s-her-name, Queen Amadela (Luke’s mom), and the opening shows the REAL Obi-wan from the original Star Wars talking about how Darth Vader turned to evil and all that. But they all looks the same.

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