SWT’s Logo 3

Self portraits

Yeah, those are all me. I’m considering adding my ugly mug as part of a new logo design for Steel White Table, similar to the example shown below (click for larger view, if you dare).

SWT logo sample

3 thoughts on “SWT’s Logo

  1. Reply Guido Nov 9,2004 7:58 am

    I voted for 3, but actually, I like 1 as well :-)

  2. Reply Pender Nov 9,2004 9:37 am

    1. You look too young.
    2. Your brain is cut off but at least I can see up your nose.
    3. What are you looking at, SQUINTY? This one bugs me.
    4. You look like a greasy columbian drug dealer.. I like it!
    5. You get em, killer.
    6. You’re scrunching up your face and making a chipmunk mouth.. Kinda funny.
    7. Cute/instantly annoying.
    8. Looks like the sun don’t shine out your ass, but out of the top of your head. I think that’s the nicest one out of the lot.

  3. Reply Neil Ollerhead Nov 10,2004 2:47 pm

    I would suggest actually getting a picture of a steel white table. Perhaps one with an old computer on it, or a keyboard leaned against the leg, or a photo of one in a garbage dump.

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