How To Strip Naked

Stripper’s Guide to Looking Great Naked:

Removing your clothes is an art, and it’s applicable in a range of situations besides the striptease. There is a sexy way to take off your jacket when you enter a bar or to take off your shorts before jumping in the pool. There is even a sexy (or at least sexier) way to take off your jeans.
Jeans are one of the most requested garments at strip clubs. It’s called shock value—someone who doesn’t look like a stripper who starts stripping is inherently more sexy and naughty than someone in a bikini and sheer slip doing the same. Pretty much everyone owns a plain old pair of blue jeans. They can, however, be a little tricky to get off.

Some of their Top 10 Stripper Tips are interesting:

  • Cranberry juice makes a great toner for your skin. Just pour a little on a cotton ball and apply to your problem area. Its antibacterial properties are just as effective as many over-the-counter remedies.
  • Camouflage a bruise using Preparation H. Hemorrhoid cream is a topical anti-inflammatory that works to reduce redness and swelling. If you prefer a more natural remedy, use amica gel (found in most natural food stores).

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