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My insurance for my 1978 Honda CB550 went down for 2006; it’s $468 now. Last year it was $485.31. Insurance going down. That’s a first.

4 thoughts on “My Motorcycle Insurance

  1. Reply Pender Dec 31,2005 2:50 pm

    I think mine’s still $2400 a year, though I haven’t been home in a while to find out if I got any mail from them or not.

  2. Reply rekounas Dec 31,2005 7:50 pm

    Pender, that is because no one likes you.

  3. Reply Pender Jan 4,2006 2:45 pm

    That’s not what your mom was saying last night while she was screaming “I likes you! I really really likes you!” in my ear while I was trying to ignore her.

  4. Reply Ant Mar 31,2007 11:34 am

    I pay around $80/year for my bike, but I’m in NY. I have the same one as you (that’s how I came across the site: it’s a 1978 CB550K).

    Unfortunately, she spent about 4 hours completely immersed in water (thankfully, not salt) after a flood. She fired up fine the next day, and would have even started off the battery (no idea why that was still working) if I hadn’t run it down before thinking to clean the points. That also explains why I’m searching for maintenance pages for my machine.

    Right, I sort of skipped a step. “She fired up fine the next day, after I had completely disassembled every part I could managed to pry off in freezing (literally) weather under a streetlight at 22:00 the night before, changed the oil twice, pulled the spark plugs, saturated the cylinders (through the plug holes) with WD-40 and cranked the engine multiple times, rinsed the fuel tank a few times, run about a cup of petrol through each of the needle valves since there was no way I could get the carbs out, etc.”

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