Michael Moore Is Worried About Canada 4

Michael Moore Statement on Canadian Election:

Oh, Canada — you’re not really going to elect a Conservative majority on Monday, are you? That’s a joke, right? I know you have a great sense of humor, and certainly a well-developed sense of irony, but this is no longer funny. Maybe it’s a new form of Canadian irony — reverse irony! OK, now I get it. First, you have the courage to stand against the war in Iraq — and then you elect a prime minister who’s for it. You declare gay people have equal rights — and then you elect a man who says they don’t. You give your native peoples their own autonomy and their own territory — and then you vote for a man who wants to cut aid to these poorest of your citizens. Wow, that is intense! Only Canadians could pull off a hat trick of humor like that. My hat’s off to you.

The election is this Monday, as Phillip indicated on his poll. I voted for the Green Party last Monday at an advance polling station because I’ll be in Flint, Michigan then. I tend to vote for the longshot.

(via Through The Mist Darkly)

4 thoughts on “Michael Moore Is Worried About Canada

  1. Reply Phillip Jan 20,2006 9:59 pm

    We’re doomed. When’s the last time Michael Moore was on the winning side?

    I’ll be voting NDP, because I’m hoping if we can keep Jack Layton around for another 4 or 5 years, he’ll have a good shot at becoming the replacement host for “Jeapordy!” And that’ll be wicked.

  2. Reply rekounas Jan 21,2006 12:10 am

    Is it just me, or does Stephen Harper look like he has never won a fight in his life? I’ll kick his ass! Put up yer dukes!

  3. Reply Kyle N Jan 23,2006 9:07 pm

    I know squat about Canadian politics and dont want to get into it. But trust me on this. Micheal Moore is just a fat joke down here. In the last Democratic convention they stuck him next to Jimmy Carter.
    Carter still has negative poll numbers around 70%! after twenty-five years!

  4. Reply Phillip Jan 23,2006 11:49 pm

    Steven Harper (George W., Jr.), wins a minority goverment.

    Told you we were doomed.

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