Superman, Polar Bears, and Giant Spiders

Kevin Smith, the writer and director of Clerks, tells a story about how he got involved with writing a new Superman movie, a movie where the man in tights couldn’t fly, didn’t have his red and blue costume, and had to fight a giant spider.


3 thoughts on “Superman, Polar Bears, and Giant Spiders

  1. Reminds me of the shitty batman 3 and 4 movies. Now we know why hollywood makes so many shitty movies. Too much money and too many retards running the show.

  2. That was a really, really funny talk.

    I read his script for Superman, however. It was as bad as anything that’s ever been produced in Hollywood. The dialog seemed torn from After School Specials about acceptance and the human heart. It made me hate him for awhile but I am glad to see it wasn’t all on him.

  3. It made me laugh out loud. I find it hard to believe that he seemed to tell that long tale just from an audience member’s question; an incredible memory. Smart guy.

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