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cup of coffeeI recently bought a bag of organic fair trade coffee beans from Bolivia. $11.60 for a 500g, which is cheap for quality coffee beans. It’s the best coffee I’ve had in a long time. A smooth, medium roast. I drink it with cream and I love it. I’ve paid as much as $35 for Jamaican Blue Mountain, but that’s an over-rated and over-priced coffee. I’ve had coffee just as good for a third the price (in Canadian dollars). So I was wondering…

What’s your favourite coffee? Any recommendations?

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  1. Reply Pender Apr 24,2006 11:58 am

    I just drink the cheap crap at work. At home we buy the giant cans of tim horton’s coffee (which tastes like normal coffee, unlike when you buy it from the actual tim hortons, which I find simultaneously strange and exciting).

    I find when I get hooked on a certain type of coffee (drink it for about a week straight) every other flavour tastes like crap, cause it’s not “my” coffee. When I was visiting my parents a couple of summers ago my dad had brought home REAL brasilian coffee, from brasil (he worked on an oil rig down there for a while). At first I hated it, after a few days I couldn’t get enough of it. It was different than every other coffee I’ve ever had previous and since. It and I miss each other. I couldn’t tell ya the brand.

  2. Reply Phillip Apr 25,2006 6:47 pm

    Would anyone besides Pender like to respond?

  3. Reply Jody Apr 25,2006 9:03 pm

    I’m not fussy about my coffee, although I prefer it dark, strong, and with sugar and coffee, else I’ll puke.

  4. Reply ChrisO Apr 26,2006 7:55 am

    coffee is for the weak!

  5. Reply Rebecca Apr 27,2006 10:03 pm

    I’ve always enjoyed Second Cup’s Continental Dark – I like my coffee to be a dark roast, and strong enough to stand up and fight for itself. More recently, I’ve been mixing it with dark roast decaf, or Justus Coffee’s Mexican Morning.

  6. Reply Phillip Apr 28,2006 2:11 pm

    Tim Hortons and Second Cup. Great.

  7. Reply Ryan May 1,2006 6:46 am

    We buy Van Houtte from Sobeys and grind it at the store. It’s about $17/kg, much more expensive than Maxwell House or similar brands, but the taste is noticably better. We both like the flavoured coffee and we keep switching flavours everytime we buy it. I lean towards the chocolate flavours.

  8. Reply tommyboy May 2,2006 7:08 am

    tea anyone….pity

    hey phillip we have a vendor here who buys the fair trade beans and then roasts them herself…i do not drink coffee soo…what kinds or flavors do you like..cause i can send you some if you want….

  9. Reply Phillip May 6,2006 7:17 am

    Tommyboy, I don’t like flavours per se. Chocolate, Irish Cream, crap like that. That shit ain’t coffee. But I do like certain types of coffees, and even the worst fair trade coffee is better than, well, anything that’s been recommended so far.

    Jenny and I enjoy just about any light to medium roast coffees. We buy the beans and grind them ourselves.

    If you can put us in coffee, I can put you in DVDs.

  10. Reply Phillip May 15,2006 1:58 pm

    Tommyboy, do you still have that contact who can put in with good coffee beans?

    Give me a quote, and if it’s not beyond my budget, I’ll send a cheque in the mail.

    Been having a great time trying all kinds of coffees lately.

  11. Reply tommyboy May 16,2006 12:07 pm

    I can take no money from you….well yeah i can but not yet….Ill talk to the vendor this week and try and get you a sample pack…e-mail me your address and i will put it in the mail….next week…

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