Not Quite Awake

After making my coffee this morning, I put the cream in the cupboard and sugar in the fridge.

Have you done anything silly in the morning, before you’re fully awake?

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12 Responses to Not Quite Awake

  1. Phillip says:

    I wrote a blog entry about snow shoeing once.

  2. Bryan says:

    Shit – I do things like that when I’m fully awake.

  3. Rebecca says:

    This morning I slathered body lotion on my face right after I’d put my regular moisturizer on. Not that I wasn’t awake, just thinking about what I need to do at work this week.

  4. Phillip says:

    I sometimes wash myself twice in the shower because I forgot that I already washed myself.

  5. Jim Kloss says:

    I have built a fire in the woodstove, lit it and walked away without shutting the woodstove door.

  6. Phillip says:

    Jim wins!

    (Jim always wins.)

  7. Steve says:

    Ever put Prep H on your toothbrush and shove toothpaste up your ass?

    Me neither.

  8. Phillip says:

    > Me neither.

    Yeah. Right. Sure.

  9. Steve says:

    Makes your gums recede and your farts smell minty.

  10. tommyboy says:

    yah that washing in the shower the same part over and over….yeah phillip says its cause he forgot what he washed…I think the proper term is masturbation…

    as a kid I woke up one morning and went to pee…but instead of the toliet i went to the gabage can in the kitchen…you know those ones with the foot pedal and the lid pops up….it was white…lid opened…I peed…..yeah…that did not go over well…I think thats why I remember it….at least i did not defecate….geeeeshh…your going to edit this aren’t you….

    I am really keen on those minty farts…..not the proceedure..but the fresh minty aroma…..

  11. Phillip says:

    I never have to worry about editing your comments, Tom. They’re usually so illegible, it doesn’t make any difference. (That’s assuming anyone else reads them in the first place.)

  12. tommyboy says:


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