SWT Tagline Contest

Okay, it’s not really a contest. Prizes will not be handed out.

But if you have any suggestions for a new tagline for Steel White Table, let us know in the comments.

The “winner” gets an email from me saying, “Thanks!”

About Phillip

Phillip Cairns is a beekeeper in St. John's, Newfoundland, who writes about beekeeping at mudsongs.org.
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13 Responses to SWT Tagline Contest

  1. tommyboy says:

    the current tag line is great…

    steel white table…four legs are better then three

    steel white table…cause plastic doesn’t work

    steel white table…it’s really phillip’s blog

    as stated i like the current tag line…makes me smile everytime i read it….800 times a day…

  2. Steel White Table: You’re soaking in it!

    Steel White Table: Ancient Chinese secret, huh?

    Steel White Table: It’s better than a fish in the face. Mostly.

    Steel White Table: Jody is a boy’s name.

    Steel White Table: Jody is a boy’s name.

    Or from http://querylog.com/q/Friends+of+QueryLog:
    The Internet’s best surgery how-‌to site.

  3. tommyboy says:

    ahhhh soooo grasshopper….the true identity of the Grandmaster Ash has been revealed…whew…I thought perhaps SWT was getting right popular or somethin..

  4. Rebecca says:

    I’m with Tommy – I like the current one.

    SWT – Quality Furniture Since 1984
    SWT – Because Mom Always Liked You Best!
    SWT – Brothers On The Edge
    SWT – Folks For Folks
    SWT – Like A Kitchen Party, Without The Drunken Antics
    SWT – Babes! Babes! Babes!

  5. Jody says:

    I like the current one, too. This contest isn’t my idea!

  6. rekounas says:

    The current tagline is one of the best I read.

    But, if you want to change it, how about this…

    Hey, try the Rekounas Blog.

    Works for me.

  7. Phillip says:

    Grand Master Ash and the Furious Five wins! And I might add he wins nothing! (Screw the email. I don’t want that guy knowing my email address.)

    Keep those taglines coming! Next time maybe YOU [insert your face here] will win!

  8. Jody says:

    I’m going to have disable Phillip’s access to SWT. “It’s better than a fish in the face. Mostly.”


  9. tommyboy says:

    I like fish…I would rather a fish in the face than a lobster…but I like lobsters more…if it was a small fish….mayby jody will disable my access…then I would become a productive member of society….or watch more porn….

  10. Steve says:

    Real light cables.
    Feel right, Mable.
    Heal. Fight. Stable?
    Rewrite fables.

    Oh Me Nerves II, the Sequel.

  11. tommyboy says:

    bring back to ole tagline…bring back the ole tagline…bring back the ole tag line…bring back the ole tag line….

  12. Phillip says:

    I changed the tagline again. I may change it every day. So please keep those taglines coming in! Thanks.

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