A Newfoundland Puppy

We might be getting a Newfoundland puppy soon; maybe this one, which is actually from Newfoundland.

newfoundland landseer puppy

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14 Responses to A Newfoundland Puppy

  1. tommyboy says:

    You going with the quebec dog…geez them there sure are big dogs….I still love my toller…I mean not love my toller…just love my toller…

  2. Jody says:

    The photo is from a pup in Newfoundland. I’m torn between a black, female pup in Quebec and a landseer male in Newfoundland. Both breeders are checking shipping costs for me now.

  3. Phillip says:

    Got a name picked out?

  4. Neil says:

    ‘Cabot’ would be a good NF Dog name.

  5. Phillip says:

    Or ‘Danny.’

  6. tommyboy says:


    we thought of names such as

    sable, sydney, mira, tar pond, digby, captain morgan, blah blah blah…tough thinking of a NF related name…I had a friend I worked with in Labrador name their first child..Mealy after the Mealy mountain range…..

    I might try and name the next on pogie….

  7. Phillip says:

    Or B’ye. As in, “Come on, b’ye, fetch da friggin’ stick! Damn dog’s stunned as me arse.”

    Ontario is the have-not province now, Tom, sucking up all the pogie funds. Newfoundland oil money goes directly to Ontario through equalization, that whole scam.

  8. jody says:

    We have the option of getting:
    – black female
    – black male
    – landseer (black and white) male

    We’re leaning towards black male.

    I’d prefer a one syllable name. I’m partial to “Bob”.

  9. Steve says:

    How about Buddy? You could shorten it to Bud. That’s a good Newfoundland word. Newfoundlanders call people “Buddy” when they don’t know the guy’s name.

    “Wattaya at dere, buddy?”

  10. tommyboy says:


    why are you leaning towards a male? black? there are other colors for these dogs?

  11. jody says:

    I’m indifferent to the gender, but others in the family want a male.

    You can get brown and bluish Newfs, too.

  12. tommyboy says:

    “others in the family”?

    Jesus what a big dog!

    good luck feeding that….schooner gets a cup to a cup and a half of food a day…I think one of those beasts would ingest that by sniffing the bowl….I am going to have to come out just to see the little thing…

  13. Jody says:

    “Others” being everyone but me. I have no idea why.

    I’m going to have to add some feature to this site just for Tommyboy who seems to come here throughout the day hoping for something new. Maybe a “Random Post” feature in the side menu there.

  14. tommyboy says:

    I have no life…this is my life….my existence…I am entering a 12 step program on monday….I am only allowed to come to the site once a day…whereas before I was visiting after every episode of “self abuse”…I am in a program for that too….

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