I Need A Name For Our New Puppy

I’m picking up our Newfoundland puppy from Halifax airport today. He’s being shipped from Gander, courtesy of the excellent Seagirt Kennels in northern Newfoundland.

We haven’t picked out a name yet. Any suggestions? I’ll post a photo of him tonight or tomorrow.

Update (May 28, 2008): We picked “Wally”.

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23 Responses to I Need A Name For Our New Puppy

  1. Phillip says:

    Don’t pick a Newfoundland-themed name. When I got my super cool laid back cat, Nigel, he didn’t have a name for the first few weeks I had him. I gave myself a month to try out a few names. You just have to try them out, see how they feel, how they fit the animal’s personality. When you find one that works, you’ll know pretty quick.

    So I don’t have any suggestions. Pick something that seems to fit the dog. Too bad Beta is already taken.

  2. rekounas says:

    How about Bruno?

  3. Steve says:

    I disagree with Phillip. I think you should pick a Newfoundland themed name.

    I’ve already suggested Buddy. How about Gander?

    I’ve always wanted to name a dog Askum, just so I can respond with the name when someone says “What’s your dog’s name?” and see the expression on their face.

  4. tommyboy says:


  5. Steve says:


    Dependable; a Newfoundland icon. I like it.

  6. Pete says:

    Well, going with a Newfoundland themed name, you could always use ‘Dildo’.

    It could make for some interesting times at the park…”Dildo! Here Dildo! Hey lady, have you seen my Dildo?!?”

  7. Jody says:

    My dad suggested Eli or Bruce.

  8. Phillip says:

    Ira or Morely.

  9. J-Walk says:

    Do your research, and you’ll find that there are only 12 possible names for that breed:


  10. J-Walk says:

    OK, I’ve given this a lot of thought. The pup should be named either “John” or “Noof.”

    You’re welcome.

  11. Jody says:

    Based on the evidence he left in the kitchen last night, I may call him “runny poop”.

  12. Steve says:

    I sent an email to a friend of mine that I thought would provide me with a good suggestion. Here’s what he sent:

    Easy….we were looking to buy a Newf before we got our dog. I was going to call him Coaker after William F. Coaker, arguably one of the most influential Newfoundlanders ever.

  13. ChrisO says:

    call him Pender.

  14. Jody says:

    We’re considering Morgan.

  15. tommyboy says:

    pictures pictures pictures pictures pictures pictures

    runny poop… is that a beothuk name…. I think chris O may be on to something…and J-walk with the john …as in crosbie thing …crosbie might be okay except it will be confused with that hockey player from some obscure subdivision on the outskirts of dartmouth….

    pictures pictures pictures pictures pictures pictures

    my wife actually considered today getting one of this beasts…yeah right… a newfie and a duck toller…we would have to buy a new car soooo no beast….although he/she would look mighty fine in the sidecar…

  16. jody says:

    My three year old son has picked a name that everyone agrees to. It and photos will be posted tonight.

  17. J-Walk says:

    C’mon, man! I keep refreshing the page, and nothing changes. I can’t stand the suspense.

    BTW, if he didn’t choose “John,” I’m gonna be pretty upset.

  18. tommyboy says:

    steph was getting interested, she has talked about getting another dog next year. We went to the newf breeders page, I was designing carts in my head for the dog to pull when getting groceries or other things around town. Many of the characteritice mentally of the dog are similar to ours but…then…steph read about the twenty foot drool radius….drool….yup that ended it for steph…bad enough she has a 280 lb drooler, she was not willing to put up with another…

    get those pictures up!

  19. tommyboy says:

    steph just asked….why a newf dog….or has that been answered somewhere else and I have forgotten….

  20. Jody says:

    > why a newf dog

    Known for the gentle temperament around people, especially kids. Also, generally laid-back and not too active. Plus it’s big. I wanted a big dog.

  21. Jody says:

    > steph read about the twenty foot drool radius

    Read Don’t Buy A Newf to know what to expect from owning a Newfoundland Dog. Their main points:
    – Don’t buy a newfoundland if you are attracted to the breed “chiefly” by its appearance.
    – Don’t buy a newfoundland if you are unwilling to share your house and your life with your dog.
    – Don’t buy a newfoundland if you don’t intend to educate (train) your dog.
    – Don’t buy a newfoundland if you lack leadership (self-assertive) personality.
    – Don’t buy a newfie if you don’t value laid-back companionship and calm affection.
    – Don’t buy a newfie if you are fastidious about your home.
    – Don’t buy a newfoundland if you find drool totally repellant
    – Don’t buy a newfie if you dislike doing regular grooming.
    – Don’t buy a newfoundland if you dislike daily exercise.
    – Don’t buy a newfoundland if you believe that dogs should run “free.”
    – Don’t buy a newfoundland if you can’t afford to buy, feed, and provide healthcare for one.
    – Don’t buy a newfoundland if you want the “latest, greatest ferocious killer attack dog.”
    – Don’t buy a newfoundland if you are not willing to commit yourself for the dog’s entire lifetime.

    Some of their points apply to any type of dog.

  22. Pat says:

    Get a Newf if you want an intelligent, loyal, furry child. I have been the lucky owner of two over the course of 20 years. Wouldn’t have another beastie. Great with kids and old people. They dislike anyone who is uninvited leaving their property (just ask the guy who entered our yard and was arrested because the Landseer held him on the fence for 45 minutes ’til we got home.
    Yes, they need lots of love and attention, who doesn’t ? They do drool, and they need grooming. However, those messy attributes aside – I wouldn’t/won’t consider any other dog.
    Great around water. Natural lifesavers. I can’t say enough about this breed.
    You must be willing and able to make a very serious commitment emotionally, physically and financially. Like all living things they require medical monitoring. Just be sure to buy carefully so you minimize the potential for genetic faults. Responsible breeders are available. Do lots of research ahead of your purchase. You’ll not regret it if the match is right.

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