How the hell do I assemble my easel?

As some of you may now, I paint. Not much, but hey, it’s a start. I pick up new brushes and paints and canvases whenever I have the extra cash. A small corner of my home office is about ready to become my painting… uh… spot. All that’s really left is setting up an easel. I got one for Xmas but it didn’t come with any assembly instructions and I can’t figure it out. I haven’t been around enough easels to know how they’re supposed to go together and I can’t find specific instructions on the ‘net. So…

Does anyone know how to assemble this easel? Click the image to view a large image with all the pieces labelled. The winner gets a free painting (someday).

UPDATE: Using the photo Pender left in the comments as a guide, I got the damn thing put together. I don’t know what to do with the chain and it seems a bit flimsy, but it’s good enough.

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10 thoughts on “How the hell do I assemble my easel?

  1. How big is this? It looks good for displaying art or letting art dry but you might want to look into something a little sturdier for working on.

    Mr. Mean made this pochade box for me. I like being able to bungi cord my work down, I get busy daubing and don’t want what I’m painting on to flop around. This box is made for painting outside and toting your supplies around, but I like to use it all the time except when I work on big stuff.

  2. How big is this?

    It’s about 5 feet tall. I haven’t used it yet. I have a large canvas but I’m saving up for a few more tubes of paint before I go nuts with it.

    That ponchade box looks wonderful. I’ll see if I can make one of those. I can see myself with painting out in my field.

    I have a small painting a made a few weeks ago, but I’m not happy with it. I hope to fix it up this week. I’ll post it before the end of the month. It’s definitely abstract.

  3. Mine fell this morning and I felt the same way. Take the two shortest sticks and chain and put to the side. Make two legs the same length by adding pieces together and attaching with nut and bolt. WIng Nut goes to the back side. The longer leg is the back support. Add the flimsy chain to the bolt in the front when making that leg. Chain comes to the front and will attach to the bolt and wing nut. You have two shorter pieces left, a wing nut and a bolt and a free chain after using the longest bolt to attach short leg, longest leg, and short leg at the top. Move th long leg back and the chain will come accross to the two little pieces. Place the one with the ledge like a chalk or marker ledge on a white board (the sider and a little longer of the two) Place on the outside (opposite of the longest leg) on the inside of these legs goes the shorter piece that is left. Add the bolt form the outside, there will be a gap place the bolt through the shortest piece, before attaching the wing nut add the chain. The flmsy chain hangs a bit loose between the longest hind leg support and the two shorter legs that are connected with the short ledge pieces.It is those two little pieces that actually hold the thing together, who would have thought!

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