What Did You Have For Breakfast?

I had coffee and plain yogurt mixed with raisin bran. I usually mix the yogurt with granola but we ran out.

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6 Responses to What Did You Have For Breakfast?

  1. One cup of Back to Nature Organic Cherry Vanilla Granola.


    So yummy.

  2. Steve says:

    A bowl of Honeycombs with 1% milk.

  3. Phillip says:

    Vanilla yogurt with Ginger Zing granola. Apple juice, then coffee.

    3 cheers for the Granola Boys!

  4. tommyboy says:

    1 dunster donut, a hunk of chris brothers tnt pepperoni,some plain mustard, orange juice and a big mug of black tea…….my father in law just got back from halifax last night…he always brings back a bag of donuts and pepperoni

  5. Mean Jean says:

    1/2 cup wheat chex with 5-6 strawberries sliced up and some sliced almonds, 2% milk, 4 oz. of concorde grape juice, 7 pills (Diovan, adult aspirin, Centrum Silver, extra C, extra D, 2 fish oil capsules, 2 cups of coffee with scant tsp. sugar each and a slurp of no-fat Land O Lakes half and half. Two crossword puzzles and a Sudoku.

  6. Rob O. says:

    Today I had a small ham & cheese omelet with a hearty dollop of salsa atop, which is a pretty typical low-carb, hi-protein breakfast choice for me. Sadly, I routinely eat this at my desk once I’ve arrived at work.

    However, I usually cook oatmeal for my toddler and sometimes when I’m not too pressed for time in the mornings, I prep a double-batch of oatmeal so share breakfast with him.

    And I usually have a large travel cup of freshly-ground half-caf coffee with a stiff shot of creamer & a coupla packets of Splenda.

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