I’m submitting this as the most ridiculous news story of the past week: Wafergate. The Prime Minster of Canada was offered a communion wafer at a funeral and supposedly put it in his pocket instead of eating it. At first some Catholic vicar was upset that a non-Catholic (the Prime Minster) would take communion in a Catholic church. That’s apparently a big no-no. But now it’s a bigger story that he put in his pocket?

My favourite quote from the article: “It’s worse than a faux pas, it’s a scandal from the Catholic point of view.” This is more ridiculous than all the Michael Jackson news.

3 thoughts on “Wafergate

  1. rekounas

    You know, catholics really piss me off. These assholes could do without getting attention. The archbishop said it was “church law” that non-catholics could not receive communion. I wonder under what church law does it state they can fuck little boys in the ass?


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