Quick Review of “Moon”

Moon is not a popcorn sci-fi movie like Star Wars or Star Trek. It’s not just “wow.” It’s “whoa.” As in, when a not-so-mentally-stable guy who’s been working alone on the moon for 3 years meets up with someone who looks exactly like him, what the hell is going on? Maybe he’s gone crazy, maybe the new guy is a clone, maybe it’s all a dream. The answer, when it comes, is just the beginning of this ride. I don’t think I’ve felt so much sympathy for a character in a science fiction movie before. I recommend Moon even to people who normally don’t care for science fiction, because it’s a great example of what science fiction can be but hardly ever achieves: intelligent, exciting, empathetic and thoughtful storytelling.

I wish I’d seen it in a theatre.

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Phillip Cairns is a beekeeper in St. John's, Newfoundland, who writes about beekeeping at MudSongs.org.

5 thoughts on “Quick Review of “Moon”

  1. I saw the movie in a small theater. I think it has potential for a cult following. It is better than 2001 Space Odyssey, that’s for sure! It makes one think. I love the family interractions and all that it leads to.

  2. I re-watched “Moon” tonight. Just as a good as the first time. Easily the most intelligent, well made science fiction film I’ve seen in many years.

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