The Longest Post Title In A Blog

I think the award goes to Sebastien Wilcox‘s latest post:

It Has Been Said That Using A Short, Snappy Heading That Is Catchy, Witty And, Dare I Say, Thought Provoking Is The Best Way To Entice People (And By People, I Just Don’t Mean Family And Friends And Co-Workers And The Neighbours And The Neighbours’ Dog And His Puppies Who Are Pretty Damn Cute But That’s Besides The Point, And Not Very Relevant At The Moment) Into Reading Your Entire Posting As Opposed To Just The Heading, And Once The Readers Have Indeed Been “Drawn In” So To Speak, Those Readers Need To Be Rewarded With Something That’s Relatively Amusing And, Fingers Crossed, Mildly Entertaining.

And like a lot of Sebastien’s excellent posts, it has a moral.

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