Does The Keg offer vegetarian meals?

I received a $100 certifcate for The Keg recently, so my wife (vegetarian) and I are going there soon.
the keg
The Keg is known for its steaks, and vegetarians are usually limited to salads or pasta at similar places – sometimes not even that since they often include chicken.

I emailed the Corporate office of The Keg recently asking about vegetarian options:

We received a gift certificate for The Keg recently but my wife is vegetarian. Does your restaurant accommodate vegetarians? I didn’t see any obvious dinners on the online menu for her except for salads.

They replied that same day:

Thank you for your recent note regarding The Keg’s choices of vegetarian dishes. We do have a couple of “off menu” items for you to consider. Your server should be able to provide you the details of either the Portabella Mushroom Fajita or the Thai vegetable Salad.

We did have one of these on the menu in the past, but due a very low sales mix we took them off the printed menu, however every Keg has the recipes for these items.

As far as other options, you will see that all of our salads are vegetarian friendly (not vegan friendly) as well as we have many side vegetable options that can be put together to make up a vegetarian dish. Your server can certainly help you with a vegetarian plate.

Thank you again for your comments and feedback and we hope to see you again soon!

Sometimes a meat-oriented restaurant will make a vegetarian dish if they’re given notice about it, so I replied:

Should we call the restaurant ahead of time to arrange a vegetarian
dish? Maybe the chef would enjoy creating something new. :)

I never received a reply to my last email but maybe I was asking too much.

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7 Responses to Does The Keg offer vegetarian meals?

  1. ChrisO says:

    I expect to see the Keg’s director of social media posting here any second!

  2. Jody says:

    I’ll post a follow-up after our dining experience there.

  3. Pender says:

    This message has been brought to you by the regular segment of “Jody talking to corporations via email”.

  4. Jody says:

    I strive to use email for ALL my communication, which reminds: Rogers hasn’t got back to me about my “issue” yet.

  5. Phillip says:

    Jody should be on 60 Minutes filling in for Andy Rooney.

    Is that show still on the air?

  6. HappyHax0r says:

    > Jody should be on 60 Minutes filling in for Andy Rooney.

    Or, at least an email client should be on 60 minutes allowing Jody to email in his fill for Andy Rooney :).

  7. tommyboy says:

    Yeah yeah…its all fun and vegetarian games..until you find that frog in your salad…

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