“Farmers Feed Cities” T-Shirt 6

I just want to say thanks to Tommyboy for sending me a big box full of his super fantastic Prancing Pachyderms kettle popcorn along with some other goodies from Owen Sound, including this t-shirt:

It’s a beauty. A perfect fit for my slowly expanding gut. I wear it all the time. A few jars of honey from my hives will be on your way some time in October, buddy.

6 thoughts on ““Farmers Feed Cities” T-Shirt

  1. Reply tommyboy Sep 7,2011 10:16 pm

    I think it glows in the dark….looks better on you then me….you can scratch out the ontario reference….just so ya do not get accosted on the streets of that island paradise…

  2. Reply tommyboy Sep 7,2011 10:19 pm

    If I post one more comment than all the comments displayed on the right will be authored by me….at least for one brief moment in time…soon to…. disappear like tears in the rain…ahhhh to have goals and achieve them is a wondrous thing…

  3. Reply Phillip Sep 8,2011 10:57 am

    All of this is for you, Tommyboy.

    Honestly, I think SWT’s days are numbered. I give it another two months, tops.

    Then you’ll have to get on the Google Plus bandwagon to get your fix.

  4. Reply tommyboy Sep 8,2011 4:10 pm

    can we get one of those cool countdown clocks…please… huh…..huh….

    • Reply Phillip Sep 8,2011 4:18 pm

      I don’t know. That’s Jody’s call. I’m happy to switch to Google Plus. We’d probably still post something, you know, on special occasions, like when you send us stuff, but yeah, I don’t mind doing a count down.

      Is that okay with you, Jody?

  5. Reply tommyboy Sep 9,2011 12:19 am

    sniff sniff..I was jokin…you mean all of this will really end….booooooo hoooo hooooooooooo

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