Greeting A Newfoundland Dog

newfoundland-dogA woman walked by with her Newfoundland dog while I waited for the bus this morning. It’s a 2 year old female, small for its age: 130 pounds (the dog, not the woman). A beautiful, friendly animal (the dog, not the woman, although she was nice too).

I quickly judged the dog’s temperament, seeing it was friendly, then said “Good morning” to the woman, asking about the dog’s age and name. A Newfoundland dog is tough as a rock, but friendly as you can imagine. I wanted to tackle it to the ground and play with it – a beautiful dog.

Funny that I’d want to know the dog’s name before the woman’s (I didn’t even ask her).

A friend just got a dog.  A mix of this and that; a mutt, which I have no bias against: I’ve owned more than one. He brought it to our house on the weekend; like all puppies, it was cute and lovable, but I didn’t have an affinity toward it like I’ve had toward other dogs. Like people, some dogs I can relate to better than others. THAT’S RIGHT!

The first dog I personally owned (opposed to one my parents got when I lived with them) was from the SPCA in St. John’s, Newfoundland, where my girlfriend (now wife) volunteered. A cross between a beagle and lab, I think, he was a dog I immediately attached to: friendly, kind, gentle, intelligent… like me! Yeah.

We visited a Newfoundland dog breeder in New Glasgow about 10 years ago, as I described in a previous post. It was fun. If I was rich and lived in the country, it’s something I think I’d enjoy – raising dogs.

One Mother of a Grub

Can anyone tell me what kind of caterpillar or grub this is?


Click the image to enlarge. My pinky finger is in the photo for scale. Unfortunately it’s closer to the lens than the caterpillar, so really the scale is kinda off. But trust me, this thing was big.

The photo was taken in eastern Canada (the real eastern part of Canada, not Toronto) in Prince Edward Island.

I’ve never seen anything like this before. (And which would you rather find in your salad, this thing or a live frog?)