Leaders Debate Transcript

The next Canadian federal election happens on May 2nd, 2011. The leaders of each political party will have in total a little over a month to campaign. I’m not confident in the ability of any of them to lead the country, and last night’s leaders debate didn’t help, though I admit Jack Layton didn’t remind me of Alex Trebek as much as I thought he would. Way to go Jack! My favourite moment from Jack was when he said this — and I quote:

“Stephen Harper’s tax cuts are for wealthy corporations, who will just use them to, I don’t know, stuff their pillows, or something — I’ve never really understood how this stuff works. The New Democrats would provide a tax break to any corporation that created a job. That’s the best reason to vote New Democrat.”

Anyway, for those how missed the debate, the transcript is finally available online from Points of Information. If you care about Canada, I suggest you read it.

Review: “Back To The Future” Trilogy

  I watched the Back to The Future Trilogy last weekend and was pleasantly surprised by most of it. Despite a few cuss words here and there, it’s G-rated entertainment that would probably hold up well for kids today. Every scene has Michael J. Fox dealing with another potentially universe-destroying space-time paradox. The second movie can be skipped and not even missed, though it’s tolerable. The first and third movie are the most exciting and engaging, and it’s all good fun. It’s entirely harmless, but I guess that makes good family entertainment.

The original “Back to The Future” was released 26 years ago.