Liquorice Can Make You Dumb

Eating liquorice in pregnancy may affect a child’s IQ and behavior:

Women who ate more than 500mg of glycyrrhizin per week – found in the equivalent of 100g of pure liquorice – were more likely to have children with lower intelligence levels and more behavioural problems.

Glycyrrhizin is 30-50 times sweeter than white sugar.

Twizzlers, the popular licorice-type candy, does not contain anything from the licorice plant, hence it contains no glycyrrhizin.

Robot Dinosaurs – The Stage Show

This is astounding – Robodinos: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Planning to take over the world? Perhaps a 23-foot-tall robot dinosaur would help. The T. rexes shown above are each operated by two wingmen who run the blinks, twitches, and roars remotely, and a pilot who sits inside the chassis, Power Rangers-style.

It’s from Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular.