Peter’s Cracked Foundation: A Love Story

The following story was written one sentence, or one Steel White Table comment, at a time by… too many people to list. It began in August 2008 and was finished in September 2008. I just noticed it a few minutes ago under Random Posts.

The house was built on a cracked foundation. A young man named Peter Wilson lived in the basement with that cracked foundation. Any kind of precipitation, hail, rain or snow, required he lift his shoes and books off the floor where they would otherwise get wet overnight. CRACKED FOUNDATIONThe water seeping through the foundation at times became audible, the sound of a trickling brook. Inevitably Peter would make several trips to the bathroom. A rug by the side of his bed had to be rolled up and stuffed onto a shelf in his closet. He would have damp feet all night.

Peter lay in bed, tossing and turning because the pervasive dampness made it hard to get warm enough to fall asleep. He imagined the water rising, floating him and his bed out the door as he slept, down the street to the harbour. The harbour, once a place of personal enchantment, joy and laughter, now haunted his dreams. And these slushy, muddy, never-dry dreams, in turn, haunted his waking days, days that he (and his dog Muckmuck) would have rather spent working on his thesis with the ponderous but undoubtedly accurate and important working title, “The Adult-Tiger Relationship in Calvin and Hobbes: A Jungian Archetype or an Adlerian Neurosis?”

One morning, while standing in Home Depot reading the labels of sealers and epoxies, he realized that the long drying times needed for epoxy would enable him to work on the thesis and stop the seepage at the same time, thus breaking the strangle-hold of lethargy and lighting his creative and restorative juices simultaneously. Thus a new sense of optimism prevailed and Peter, with renewed vigour (and dry feet), felt it was time for the fieldwork on his thesis to commence — bring on the tiger!
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SWT Reader Interview #1: Tommyboy

The J-Walk Reader Interviews appear to be over, or close to it. So in keeping with tradition, we’re stealing from J-Walk. The interview questions are from J-Walk with a few of our own thrown in for kicks and giggles. Eventually we’ll email another regular SWT reader the same questions and see what happens. Until then, it is our pleasure and honour to introduce a man who needs no introduction, because I’m too lazy to write one: Tommyboy!

How did you first hear of Steel White Table, and how long have you been reading it?

Jody told me about these devices that can connect to these wire thingies and you can communicate without a can and a string. I think that was about five years ago. But he kinda fibbed and said Steel White Table was the only thing on this netty thing. I am beginning to be suspicious.

What’s the significance of your screen name?

No significance. It is my first name with my intellectual and mental capacity tagged on.

A chocolate bar or a bag of chips?

Ridiculous! Both! And a Coke.

Basic stats: Age, sex, location, marital status, employment, etc.

41-year-old male, married, was able to reproduce and have added to a dysfunctional species two more specimens. Employed only when I have to be.

Send a copy of the weirdest photo of yourself that you can find, and describe what was going on.

Picture of me, [click to biggify] family and friends at the 2008 Santa clause parade. I am a reindeer not a Sasquatch. But I look like Big Foot.

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