Rise, Thou Ape 5

  Rise of The Planet of The Apes delivers. It’s the best summer action-type movie of 2011 so far (though I haven’t seen too many because I could tell most of them suck). It could have been completely stupid, but it’s an engaging, tense movie that builds to an action packed climax of unadulterated entertaining ...

Short review of “Cowboys & Aliens” 3

  Cowboys & Aliens sucks. It’s not completely stupid and horrible, but it’s a lifeless dull movie. Rent Rio Bravo instead.

Weird Garden Fungus 4

Can anyone identify this fungus I noticed growing at the base of a mint plant in my garden? I don’t know what it, but it doesn’t look good. It’s abundant and well rooted to the soil around the mint plant.

A Whole Wheat Radio Video 2

Once in a while I try to tune into the old Whole Wheat Radio webcast just to see if I can catch ’em casting something unannounced. Nothing so far. But I did find a couple videos on YouTube. Here’s one from 2005 that features Excel guru, John Walkenbach, at the 87-second mark in his pre-banjo ...

Beer Can Chicken (Before & After) 2

I took a stab at making beer can BBQ chicken last weekend. Here’s the dancing chicken sitting on the grill with a beer can up its butt: And then the final product with a dash of Napalm: I was supposed to drink half the beer in the can before sticking it on the grill, which ...