Live Bald Eagle Webcam

There appears to be a dead bird in the nest at the moment. Maybe it’s going become lunch for the baby eagles soon. That ought to be interesting.

Click the little play button on the bottom left, not the big one on the screen.

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Book Review: “Love in The Time of Cholera”

Rating - 9 out of 10 Love in The Time of Cholera (translated from Spanish by Edith Grossman) is the first book I’ve read by Gabriel García Márquez.

It’s a masterfully written love story that I just diminished by calling it a love story because it just happens to be about a guy so obsessed and in love with a woman in his youth that he’s willing to wait a lifetime for a chance to make his move, but it’s also packed with astute observations about every kind of human behaviour under the sun, and I bought into every bit of it.

It’s a pleasure to read because the writing is eloquent but raw, no messing around, something compelling and vivid on every page, but also absurdly humorous, which helps.

The story spans generations without losing sight of its central question — something to do with the nature of love, whatever that is, but I won’t say more — and it’s hard not to marvel at the literary accomplishment along García Márquez’s insights into human nature.

And I love the ending. It’s likely to be one of the most memorable novels I’ve ever read.

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Monster Truck Backflip

A monster truck does a backflip. Is this real or was it doctored?

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Roger Ebert On The Quintessence Of Dust

A quintessence of dust, a beautiful essay by Roger Ebert reflecting on existence, science, art, and the universe.

My curiosity leads me to science, my admiration for logic leads me to the Theory of Evolution, my pride rejects simplistic fables to describe the facts I observe. Where do I find my consolations? There are many ways to be consoled. Everyone deserves to find their own way, and find such peace as they can. I find my greatest consolations come from Art.

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Whiskey Toothpaste

They suggest you could rinse with soda instead of water.

whiskey toothpaste

Click to bigify

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