I bought the following at Costco today: Cod: A Biography of the Fish that Changed the World by Mark Kurlansky. $8.99 U.S. I bought this thinking my parents would enjoy it as well. The Footprints of God by Greg Iles. $4.49 U.S. This is a a thriller about "the exploration of religious themes without the ...

Paper airplanes

Build the best paper airplane in the world. There are a lot of paper airplane resources available.

Etch A Sketch

Etch A Sketch via Flash. Use the arrow keys to draw. (via J-Walk Blog)


I was driving towards the sunrise today, and with Detroit’s polluted air and cloud formations, the scene was beautiful. I thought: Wow, what high resolution. I gotta get away from computers for awhile.

Constructive use of time

Virtual bubble-wrap. Requires Flash.