Evil shopping

VillainSupply.com is "your Online Source For Everything EVIL™. If you are a supervillain, mad scientist, warlord, dictator, or despot, then this is the place for you." Some samples of their wares:

  • Boreworms: "Whether applied to the limbs, chest, genitals, or brain, boreworms cause more pain and suffering than any other alien lifeform in the same price range". Only $999 U.S. each (sold in lots of 12).
  • The Bottomless Pit: "Based on the principle of Quantum Tunneling, which assumes a 13-dimensonal universe with nine of the dimensions condensed into quantum superstrings — fuck, we don’t know how it works, nor do we care."
  • Black hole: "FSS Inc. is now mass-producing (no pun intended) "black hole" singularities for the open black market (no pun intended)". Price: US$9.99 each. "Shipping cost will be based on weight. That’s how we make our money."

(via J-Walk Blog)

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Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin dancingAn excellent Calvin and Hobbes site. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t work well with Mozilla. I sent a scathing email to the site’s designer.

I haven’t read anything comparable to Calvin and Hobbes since it was retired in 1995. Here’s the latest news about the camera-shy author, Bill Watterson. Are there any daily comics worth reading anymore? Even Dilbert seems to be running stale.

Update: the site works fine with my Mozilla now.

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Yeah, so?

ThinkGeek offers some cool, geeky products for… geeks. Some examples:

This ain’t a commercial because I never bought anything from them. I just like some of their stuff.

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Learn how to play the guitar MY way

I don’t have a "way" yet, so I’m looking for ideas. Any sites with good tabulature and solo transcriptions? I’m looking for well known tunes; something more popular than Brook Trout, if possible. While you’re thinking about it, here’s a cool guitar chord reference site.

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100 “greatest” guitarists of all time

Rolling Stone magazine published their 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. The top 10:

  1. Jimi Hendrix
  2. Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers Band
  3. B.B. King
  4. Eric Clapton
  5. Robert Johnson
  6. Chuck Berry
  7. Stevie Ray Vaughan
  8. Ry Cooder
  9. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin ["of Led Zeppelin"?! duh]
  10. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones [double duh]

Duane Allman?! Chuck Berry?!! If you’re a guitarist, don’t bother looking at the complete list; you’ll want to punch your monitor.

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