What every Canadian should read in 2004

CBC radio has an annual debate to determine what book every Canadian should read. This year they choose Guy Vanderhaeghe’s "The Last Crossing". The winners from previous years are:

I haven’t read any of them.

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2003 year in review

Fimoculous offers the Best Of and lots of categories including books, movies, science, among others.

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All about books

Book Bytes is a wonderful site designed by a woman who loves books. The site’s design has a non-professional appearance, but it’s easy to navigate, and her writing is clear and concise. Her introduction to the site describes what I wish I pursued, instead of becoming a software developer:

I’m a book person. I’ve spent a lot of my life reading and thinking about books. As a mom, I spent years reading aloud to my kid, teaching him to love words and books. As someone who’s always trying to make sense of the world, I use books to find out stuff and to think about and organize what I know. I became a librarian because I loved to put people together with the perfect books for them. As a librarian, I got to choose books for our collection (what fun to spend someone else’s money on books!), and show people the books that will help them.

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Krespy Kreme DonutHere’s a nice, detailed photo of my first Krispy Kreme donut, which I had a couple of weeks ago in Detroit. Hmmmm Mmmmm!

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This is the coolest sand sculpture I’ve ever seen:

Sand sculpture

It’s featured at Grow A Brain.

(via J-Walk Blog)

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