Wasting Money

Nintendo Gameboy Advance SPI’ve never owned a portable electronic game system, although I’ve always had a small desire to have one (damn commercialism). So recently, I decided to look into buying a Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP, which costs around $90 in Canada.

I considered other popular, portable choices: Sony PSP is too expensive and fragile-looking; the dual-screen Nintendo DS would probably have games too complicated or confusing for my simple brain.

The Gameboy has been around the longest; there are a billion games available for it. The first game I’ll probably get for it is Tetris, although I’m open to recommendations. I have no patience for games that require a manual or have annoying puzzles like mazes. Here’s a list of games that pique my interest:

  • Racing Gears Advance. I like racing car games.
  • WarioWare Inc.: Mega MicroGame$. Its review makes it seem like it wouldn’t bore me.
  • Virtual Kasparov, a chess game, although this one doesn’t sound promising.
  • Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, only because it has the highest rating.