A Review Of “Dora the Explorer Journey to the Purple Planet”

Dora the Explorer Journey to the Purple Planet for PS2Dora the Explorer Journey to the Purple Planet for Playstation2 (PS2)
Rating: Rating: 7 out of 10 stars (7/10)

My 5 year old daughter received this for Christmas, finishing it within two days; it’s a short game, but she enjoyed it and is still playing it. The game has all the elements from the TV series: Boots tags along with Dora, Map provides the directions, Backpack provides the tools you need when the time comes, and all the familiar songs are there. The goal is to help some aliens find their way back home; that is, the Purple Planet. To get there you have to follow set paths on different planets, solving simple puzzles along the way, such as matching shapes or colours.

This was the first Playstation 2 game my four year old daughter has played and the controller was too big for her hands; she placed the controller on her lap, clutching the left joystick from the top, using her right forefinger to press the Action button. She asked for my help once, when a path wasn’t obvious; otherwise, she spent six to eight hours playing it, finishing it in that time.

I was disappointed that the game didn’t take long to complete, but my daughter doesn’t mind and that’s all that matters.

I Buy Computer Games, Sometimes

burnout 3I bought BurnOut 3: Takedown today, a Playstation 2 game, paying $8 in taxes for it. TAXES.

I don’t play games often; I have little time for them and there are few that I have patience for. I like games you can pick up and play for 10 minutes, then continue playing it six months later without relearning how to play it again, which is how I tend to play games.

I bought Burnout 3 because I like car racing games and it received an excellent review (warning: annoying ads at that site).

A review: It’s an excellent racing car game. The graphics and sense of speed are exciting, but the coolest feature is how the crashes are an integral part of the game: the more you cause damage to others, the more points you get; plus, they’re cinematic: when you cause a big pile-up, you can put everything into Impact Time (similar to Max Payne’s Bullet Time), where the crash is put into slow motion, allowing you to steer your wreck into other cars for more damage. There’s one option where you have to cause as much damage as possible in a crash, trying to destroy other cars. However, this isn’t like Carmageddon where you gets points for the carnage you cause; all the destruction is just done to vehicles, and you have to win races to get ahead. It’s similar to NFS: Underground, but better. Read IGN’s review for an excellent description of the game, where they state:

We do not hesitate to say, then, that this is one of the best games there is — not just of 2004 — but of this generation. It’s a bold statement, and there are a lot of factors that make it a truth; and if we had to pinpoint the most obvious one it would be this: Takedown is instantly enjoyable and maddeningly addictive.

Rating: 87/100

I own a Playstation2

I’m an impatient video game player. I don’t have the patience to figure out puzzles or work through mazes. If I’m playing an action game where you have to defeat a "boss" to continue further, I’ll quit if it becomes difficult or repetitive. I often resort to FAQs for games; I care for seeing the story and action played out than trying to figure it out. As a result, I tend to play games that are considered simple and easy like racing car games.

I bought the following this morning:

I bought them at Gamestop, a popular franchise down here that sells used games, too. They gave me a free copy of GameInformer magazine, too.