For The Horde!

world of warcraft box coverI started playing World of Warcraft in October, 2006. I have friends who’ve been playing since the game was released in November, 2004. I played it for a couple hours last night after taking a three month break, and I didn’t find the playing experience as fun as I once did, which prompted me to create this post while I have that kinda objective opinion about it in my head.
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WOW: The Noob Who Pwned

The Ballad of the Noob, a tale from the game World Of Warcraft that’s told using the song A Boy Named Sue, which was made famous by Johnny Cash. I laughed.

Some explanation to those who don’t get it:
– WOW (World Of Warcraft) is a multi-player online game where you live vicariously through a fantastical character you create. You accomplish quests and kill enemies to advance in level. The game has a lot of depth.
Noob stands for “newbie”, meaning someone who’s obviously new to an experience, demonstrated by the silly things that may do or ask.
Pwned stands for pawned or owned, a taunt directed at someone for losing at something or doing something stupid.

Even though I’ve been using the internet forever, I’ve never used those terms. I’ve seen them a lot, but I never was immersed into the internet culture that much to adopt them; however, now that I’m playing WOW and using its chat system, I find myself writing LOL and “ty” (“thank you”) much too often, and that bugs me for some reason.