I’m just copying the code from J-Walk’s HTML 5 Audio Test. If you have Firefox 3.5, this should work. It might also work with the latest version of some other browsers, too.

It uses a very simple HTML 5 AUDIO tag. Unfortunately, it works only with WAV and Ogg files.

The tune is “Scrambled Eggs,” a previously unreleased demo for an album I released in Japan several years back under the moniker Crazy Gapped-Tooth Mama-san and The Schizoid Panda Bears.

This is a test. I will remove the file by this time tomorrow.


  1. It’s my music. I can do what I like. Just like J.D. Salinger.

    Most, if not all of the audio, I post eventually goes. I have my reasons.

  2. I’m thinking of writing a sequel to that song. Same characters, but I wouldn’t actually use their names. It would be a song about what happens later — at lunch. I’m thinking about a baloney and cheese sandwich, with mayo — which is already salty enough, so I’d have to do it without tears. It’s going to to take some creativity, but I think I can pull it off.

    Do I have your permission, JD?

  3. > Do I have your permission, JD?

    “JD” confused me for a good 30 seconds. Nice.

    I like this idea. Then JD does a song about supper, then maybe a bedtime snack for J-Walk, which should be a duet with JD.

  4. Sorry, no sequels allowed. I’ve already written more than a few sequels over the years. But they’re only for me to enjoy. My plan is to release them posthumously. If I allowed someone to write a sequel, it would ruin the whole plan.

    And don’t even think about the old “it’s just a parody” ploy. Trust me, it will never hold up in court.

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