10 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat

10 Super Foods You Should NEVER Eat!. Number one on their list is Quaker 100% Natural Oats & Honey Granola:

Does Mother Nature want you eating half a cup of oats coated with three teaspoons of sugar and laden with more artery-clogging fat than you’d get in a McDonald’s hamburger?

Why are they “super”?

4 Replies to “10 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat”

  1. I can proudly boast that I’ve tried 8 out of the 10 listed foods (or derivations thereof) and I eat 5 of them regularly.

  2. I think the link actually brings us to a more updated version of the website now with ever more delicious treats for ryan to check out.

    Most people don’t know this little tim horton’s tidbit of information because it’s just too damn obvious, but fat, sugar and excessive eating makes you fat.

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