100 Happy Songs

The happiest MP3 Hitlist ever:

The Happy 100 is an interactive hitlist. You can influence this list by sending your top 5 favourite happy mp3’s to Happysongs.nl and your votes also determine the next edition of the Happy 100. Our goal is to create the ultimate happy hitlist, with songs which will turn you into a happy mood within seconds.

Their current top 10:

  1. REM – Shiny happy people
  2. Madonna – Holiday
  3. Irene Cara – Fame (I wanna live forever)
  4. U2 – Beautiful day
  5. Bob Marley – Sun is shining
  6. James Brown – I got you (I feel good)
  7. Depeche mode – just can’t get enough
  8. Playahitty – The summer is magic
  9. Donna Summer – I feel love
  10. Ace of base – Beautiful life

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