What Goes With Communion Wafers, Besides Blood?

Communion waferBody of Christ Tastes Like Ass of Christ!

By themselves, communion wafers are pretty vile. That would explain why they have to “sell” them with a free sip of wine.
So the purpose of this experiment is to find out just what it takes to turn the communion experience from “ow!” to “wow!”
I can hear some of you now. “Blasphemous!” “Scandalous!” But hold on there, bucko! What if we discover some new way to serve communion wafers that brings people stampeding back to the church as if it were some chic new restaurant on the lower east side? Uh huh, you didn’t think of that, did you? We thought not.

Their favorite – a White Cosmopolitan:

I finally found what makes communion wafers palatable: Alcohol. Sweet, cleansing, soul-numbing alcohol. And the priests knew it all along!

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