Past Friends

I often think about the friends I grew up with, wondering where they are and what they’re doing. So, now that I have a presence on the web, I’ll make this public enquire about them, asking them to contact me, for ole time’s sake. Scott Lewis: Long time friends until junior-high school, where our interersts changed. His dad was a fireman, and he had a sister a couple of years

Guitar Lesson #1

I gave my first official guitar lesson last night (as explained earlier). I planned on being there for around 30 minutes but ended up staying for 90. We spent the first half hour tuning our guitars, when I showed him how to do harmonics, too. We then tackled You Shook Me All Night Along, doing the G, C, and D chords. After his fingers were aching from the AC/DC exercise,

Playing Games While Urinating

I like the football-urinal-sieve: It will make men’s hearts leap and make the women’s league give a loud groan. “klokicker — the footaball-urinal-sieve” is a green plastic inset for a urinal, with a football goal installed on top. A football dangles in front of the goal. The accuracy the male guests are capable of is now on the line and they have to “KICK” the ball into the goal. Bull’s

Bibleman Saves the Day!

I think they’re serious: Although Bibleman is a “superhero” character, the main thrust of our ministry is and will always be evangelical… Nothing is more precious than the privilege of serving the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, our commitment is to the infallible Word of God — The Holy Bible. I wonder if their live show includes these exciting scenes from the bible: I will cause them to fall by the