20 Questions

An online version of 20 Questions:

Think of an object and the A.I. will try to figure-out what you are thinking by asking simple questions. The object you think of should be something that most people would know about, but, never a specific person, place or thing.

I tried with an orange and it got it using 20 questions, concluding:

Can you play with it? You said Yes, I say Doubtful.
Would you give it as a gift? You said Sometimes, I say No.
Contradictions Detected
It does not matter if our answers disagree, as over time the game will change its answers to reflect common knowledge. If you feel that the game is in error, the only way to fix it is to play again.

Subvert the Dominant Paradigm

The Writings on the Stall is…

an online repository of writings found on restroom walls… [writings that] serve as (informal) forums for politics, pop culture, humor, and so forth. What better, then, than to bring the best of these writings out to the world over this thing we call the Internet? Thoughts and ideas that once were localized can now be made globally available.

They should validate the entries by having to submit photos of the writing; but then, that can be faked too.

Quote of the Day – Swearing

I thought this was so good, I’d post it:

It never ceases to amaze me that among millions of words, a select few can so effectively polarize human beings. A flaw in the biological wiring? I suspect Nature will fix it in the next release; it is this very flaw and those related to it that are most likely to contribute to homo sp. annihilating itself.

Jim Kloss

Has a Quotes from WWR site been started yet? The next best thing (besides listening to WWR): Jim has his own blog.