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The Cairns Blog is currently listed as a new site at bloglines, and it ain’t this site! Their site has to do with the future of e-democracy, promoting the civic conversation that underlies democratic life, whatever the hell that is.

The Cairn represents democracy in action. Unknown climbers take the time to stop and mark trails using the tools of stones and twigs. They create these monuments for the members of the community of hikers. Even though they do not know who will follow in their footsteps, they feel themselves to be part of something, enough to go to this extra effort. New hikers come along and add to the Cairn, collaborating to solve the problem of finding the right path. These rocks are the shared object through which the community of hikers maintains its dialogue. Eventually, Cairns become art as well as monuments.

I vote to democratically SUE THEIR ASS! Haha – just kidding. It’s a nice metaphor, and I’ll be checking their site to see how active they become.

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  1. When I was in the Arctic, the local people used to do the same thing. However, they called them Inukshuk which means, “Man was here”. I’ve never heard the term “cairn” to describe these markers. So Jody, maybe your ancestors were lighthouse keepers or something like that.

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