Don’t Just Say It – Sing It

This is the coolest feature I’ve seen a site offer in a long time: Let them sing it for you:

By typing in a text of any kind you can get it sung for you by some of the world’s greatest pop stars. A database of sung words has been built up and is supposed to be gradually growing through the users’ own interaction. If you find a word missing in our sound vocabulary, just tell us, and we will extract the word from a song of your choice, and add it to our database.

Here’s “Steel White Table is where I spend too much time“.

Insanely Popular

Proof of popularityAfter coming back from the beach today (just to play in the sand; it’s too cold to swim yet), I was startled to see I had 19 users visiting my site AT THE SAME TIME! I figure some popular site must’ve referenced Steel White Table. I wonder what’ll happen to my PC if I get “slashdot-ed”?

How To Quit Eating Poop

stop eating poopFrom, Solid Gold S.E.P. (Stop Eating Poop) (3.5-oz container). One of the reviews:

Unlike the other reviewers, this product didn’t have the magic effect I had hoped for. I still feel a constant and irrepresible desire to nibble on my poop on the most inconvienient occasions. That said, I still take S.E.P. on a daily basis, because the peppermint and parsely are great at disguising my chronic bad breath.

Sword Down The Gullet

Sword SwallowingSword Swallowing To The Hilt to learn everything about sword swallowing. Their disclaimer:

Warning: Sword swallowing is a life threatening activity. Many deaths and serious medical complications have arisen from attempting this most dangerous of performance arts. Sword swallowing should only be undertaken by a skilled, trained professional. The owners of this website will not be liable or accountable for any injuries sustained by attempting acts described and depicted within. The bottom line is, if you are considering sword swallowing, DON’T!

According to Dai Andrews’s site, there are less than 50 sword swallowers left in the entire world! Come on people! Let’s start practicing!


English Can Be Confusing

We Made Out In A Tree And This Old Guy Sat And Watched Us:

This site is dedicated to the English language, that complex tongue spoken by a large chunk of the world’s population and by several communities in the American South.
Specifically, it’s dedicated to unusual quotes, strange statements, bad writing and other oddities of the language. Things that are funny because of the specific choice of words. Things that sound great because of the context, or that sound even better when given no context at all. (Like the name of the site, for example.)

After spending 5 minutes exploring the site, I only found a couple of things that made me chuckle. The best thing about their site is their URL.