A Place For Dull Men To Gather

The Dull Men’s Club:

Assuring members that it’s okay to be dull is the primary mission of the Dull Men’s Club. It’s a place for dull men to feel at home, to feel comfortable.

From their FAQ:

Why aren’t women in the Dull Men’s Club?
Our view is that women are not dull. Women are exciting. Moreover, we think women would be offended if we said they were dull . . . that it would be politically incorrect to refer to women as being dull.
We also question what they might do if they were in one of our meeting rooms. The first thing they probably would do is rearrange the furniture. We like our furniture where it already is.
We find that many women like dull men. Dull men are polite. They are helpful around the house. They are predictable, reliable, and safe.
Women apparently like our site. Lately, about one-half of the e-mails we receive are from women. We like that.

Dull men are not the same as boring men:

Dull men accept their dullness. Boring men are dull men who actually believe that they are interesting. The character Norm Peterson from the television show ‘Cheers’ is a dull man. The character Cliff Clavin is a boring man.

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