What A Stupid Name

Institute for Naming Children Humanely is:

dedicated to achieving a better society through better names for children.
A child’s name is the most important label he or she will ever receive. It will stay with the child throughout their whole lives. Parents who choose names poorly create misleading labels for their children. These labels can cause their children to be mocked, stereotyped, or ostracized. Mocked, stereotyped, and ostracized children grow to become demented adults.

My name isn’t in their list of boy names. Phew.

Some not okay male names from that list:

  • Todd: Associated with dumb high-school jocks
  • Bartholomew: There’s only one “Bart”
  • Jordan: Middle English for “chamber pot”

Some not okay female names from that list:

  • Caitlin: We discussed this over at “Let Me Spell That For You
  • Monica: Wait a few years
  • Brandy: Go back and look at the Unfortunate Connotations page

25 Replies to “What A Stupid Name”

  1. I agree, Caitlyn, with a “y” or an “i,” doesn’t exactly resonate with originality, but at least it isn’t one of those men names made female by adding an “a” to it: Roberta, Freda, that kind of thing. Now that I know Cailtyn, the person, the name doesn’t seem all that bad.

    I keep coming up with some excellent names… for dogs.

  2. Excuse me! There is nothing wrong with the name Caitlyn. The spelling makes it more unique then most names that are so common and boring. I don’t know what your problem is but I feel sorry for anyone who actually believes in using regular names and regular spellings for their kids. And you claim you are making a “better society” well I have news for you, making a socity that has everything regular and no originality is a society that will not last long in the real world. We would have nothing if we didn’t have unique thinkers.

  3. Well then.

    Phillip isn’t complaining the name Caitlyn; it’s the name of his favorite neice and my daughter. It just seems a bit ubiquitous now.

    > And you claim you are making a “better society”

    The web site referenced above made that claim.

    Try living with “Jody” as a male. Go on, I dare ya.

  4. > People like you because of who you are not what your name is.

    Not if you’re 10 and a new toy named Jody the Country Girl Doll is televised during Saturday morning cartoons so every bloody person in your school now associates YOU with 1) a doll, 2) a girl, 3) a stupid commercial jingle (which I couldn’t find, but it still tortuously plays in my head).

  5. People only like me because of my super wicked name. If I didn’t have this name I would be beaten daily.

    The name caitlyn is freakin’ everywhere now. Every second baby is named caitlyn, even chinese and german babies, male and female. Plus nobody knows how to spell it. Besides, if it’s a case of “what’s in a name,” why is this CAITLYN commentor so upset?

  6. I’m upset because people are telling me that my name shouldn’t be used. I like my name and take pride in it. I don’t understand why my name has to be spelled a certain way. You have a point Jody, that would suck, the people who do that are retards and i would hit them if that happened to me. In my school we don’t do that. I’m only 14 but people haven’t bugged me because of my name. I just wanted to say that I am sorry and I kinda understand where you’re coming from.

  7. I’m Jody’s older brother — and I used to pound the crap out of him EVERY DAY at school during recess. And I did it because of his big sissy name. Who wouldn’t?

    There’s my two cents for what it’s worth.

  8. Listen, Butch: quit lying.

    Caitlyn: This discussion is getting weird. I don’t care what people think about my name. I could spell it “laupeks” but pronounce it “jody” and frig what other people think. No need to apologize. My daughter’s name is “Caitlyn” and I don’t care what other people think about it. She won’t either. It’s what YOU’RE comforable with that counts.

    That’s my pop-psychology advice for the year.

    – Jody with a “y” and not a country girl doll.

  9. What do you have against people whose name is Stupid? You can be a real heartless jerk you know that? :'(

    So there are two stupidly named people in your family? Maybe you should rethink using your parents as rolemodels in life.

  10. People who misspell a kids name usually are hillbillies who hope that their brat will some day amount to something special. Usually they won’t.

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