How To Be A Bouncer

Drinking beerBouncer’s Bible – The Art and Science of Working the Door:

My father was a bouncer and my grandfather was a bouncer. I have devoted 21 years of my life working the door in a total of 52 nightclubs, bars, and shitholes.. I have a medical record of 2 bullet wounds, 4 puncture wounds, 11 broken bones, 8 concussions, and 1 poisoning! I refuse to let a bunch of politically correct assholes take my trade name and change it just because of a few bad apples in the business.
A good bouncer is a person with two sides to his personality. One side has a compassion and respect for his patrons. The other side is a trained professional who will use the necessary force needed to protect himself and others from bodily harm.

He offers training courses, videos, and wrote a book about it too.

Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's cubeChris Hardwick can solve a Rubik’s cube in 18.5 seconds blindfolded:

This page is for people who are interested in the Rubik’s Cube, and other Rubik’s puzzles. I’ve been interested in the Cube and other puzzles since June of 1998 and I still love doing them. I enjoy speed solving for all my puzzles, especially the Rubik’s Cube.

20 years ago I could solve it in 55 seconds.

Google has lots of links on how to solve it.

Free Piano Lessons

Keyboard is offering free on-line piano lessons:

Your instructor for the course is film composer and jazz musician, Clinton Clark. Each lesson takes about 35 minutes to complete. However, work slowly and at your own pace. It’s important to learn each lesson before moving on to the next.

They give an excellent summary of jazz in one of their advanced lessons:

Jazz is a shared learning experience. No person learns the art of Jazz without playing along with other Jazz musicians. One learning tool for doing this is to play along with recordings of other Jazz musicians. There are courses of studies that use recorded jazz groups leaving out one instrument. This one instrument might be a piano part, bass part, trumpet part, etc. Then, it is up to you and your instrument to fill-in the missing part.

Here’s the jazzy tune they play if you go to that lesson (it’s a MOV file with just sound).

I’ve been playing the piano for around 25 years and still can’t “get” jazz, can’t get in the grove. I love listening to it and envy those who can improvise. I think I may see if these lessons help.

Guitar Chords And Tablature

Guitar playingThe On-Line Guitar Archive:

is a library of files that show you how to play songs on guitar. The files come from other internet guitar enthusiasts like yourself, who took the time to write down chords or tablature and send them to the archive or to the newsgroups and Since they come from amateur contributors, the files vary greatly in quality, but they should all give you somewhere to start in trying to play your favorite tunes.

They also have a nice chord reference.

Building A Patio Swing

Stores have been displaying summer outdoor items for a few weeks now: patio sets, gardening supplies, swimming gear. Whenever we walk by a patio set my daughter runs to the patio swing that’s set up, dragging us to it with “Come on! Come on! Let’s swing!”

Today, after my wife and I came back from a movie, we picked one up for $150 Canadian: a three person patio swing with a shade over it.

I bought it three hours ago. I started assembling it three hours ago. It’s still being assembled. I’m taking a break. I should’ve taken photos of the mess of parts laid out on the lawn, with the thousand buts and bolts, pieces of steel piled around, instructions almost ripped to shreds out of frustration…

But my daughter will like it, so it’s worth it. I think.