Problems With YOUR Blog

The 12 biggest problems with your blog makes some good points: 2) Repetitious redundancy: I try to not post information that I see clogging up every site I visit, unless I like it a lot. 3) Frequency over quality: I’ve been doing this too much (as proven by today’s posts). I have a desire to post something everyday; I gotta get over that. 9) Proofing you’re grammer spelling: Funny.

Those Silly Mormons

The Mormon site, Sure sign of the Nail, Secret Handshake, reveals a handy way to determine if you’ve met the devil: Suppose you meet someone and you think he may be the devil. Shake their hand (The normal way). If they feel solid, like you or I, they are probably OK. If they feel like nothing — like air, you know immediately that this person is the devil or a