Weblogs Suck

Why I Hate Personal Weblogs:

Anyone in the computer industry, especially web developers, probably knows someone who has, or has themselves, some sort of online diary… They evangelize for their favorite computer manufacturers, they list URLs they find interesting, they philosophize on mundane linguistic topics and editorialize on current political issues to, apparently, everyone. Therein lies the catch, of course, for their “audience” is probably, at best, only a couple of pairs of eyeballs and the countless hours they spend at the keyboard typing out their inner thoughts are likely wasted on a couple of readers, whom they will probably never actually meet. So why do they do it?


7 Replies to “Weblogs Suck”

  1. Stupid weblogs, I hate them now. Everyone who hates weblogs, post their comments on here for everyone to see and talk about your dislike of weblogs!

  2. If you’re trying to convince me that blinks sounds dumb, you don’t have to, I’m already convinced. So shut up about it!

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