You Animal, You

Short Skirt Ban Stirs Controversy (link no longer works):

A Russian regional government has told its women employees to stop wearing short skirts and tone down their make-up because they were arousing their male colleagues’ “animal instincts.”

I like this quote the best:

“Of course, a woman must attract a man’s attention, but not so much as to overstep norms and arouse not business-like but only animal instincts,” Shlyk told the NTV television network.

“…must attract a man’s attention”. Oh yeah. You got that, all you women!

(via DiVERSiONZ)

3 Replies to “You Animal, You”

  1. Not ALL women should try to attract men.. For instance, today at the mall I saw a girl, probably no more than 16 years old, wearing a belly top. Normally there is nothing wrong with that because normally girls are sensitive about how others perceive them. In this case, however, her belly contained no less than 50% of her 300 pound frame. Look at me! Ahm dead sexay!

    Add a skirt or a funny hat and that would have been the makin’s for some prime interweb comedy!

  2. Yeah, I don’t understand that either. This ain’t nothing against fat girls, or any reason to be ashamed because one is overweight.

    But I’ve seen this too, girls with flabby guts poking through their shirts, out over their jeans, jeans that are a few sizes too small to begin with, etc.

    That’s a sad scene, that someone would go that far to follow the endless flock of fashsion clones out there, so hung up on it that they’re completely blinded to the reality of the body they have, a body which was never meant for that level of public exposure.

    You don’t see me walking with shirtless showing off my hairy back. I wouldn’t inflict that on anyone. I’m not ashamed of my beautiful body, but I ain’t stupid either. You’d think people would have basic common sense about these things.

  3. I need one of those t-shirts, “No Fat Chicks!”.. I have something against fat girls who throw it around, as long as I don’t have to look at them I’m fine. Yes I’m a big meanie, I like physically fit chicks. How not PC of me!

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