Songs That’d Make A Good Movie

20 Songs that are Ready and Waiting to be Turned Into Films

To help Hollywood stop the creative hemorrhaging before they have to break down and ask the writers for help, we happily offer 20 Songs Ready and Waiting to Be Turned into Films.

They include Tom Waits’s Murder in the Red Barn:

Actually, almost any Tom Waits song would make a great film, as the man says more with two words than some folks do with a double album. And isn’t concise writing what a screenplay is all about?

And The Beatles’ Rocky Raccon:

Who says the Western is dead? When Danny Devito balks at the idea of spending seven hours a day in the make-up chair to play legendary antihero Rocky Raccoon, the geniuses at Pixar step in, meshing the “live action-meets-animation” feel of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? with the dark milieu of Unforgiven.

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  1. what…how could Red Barchetta by you know who not make it to this list…yes i still remain but am now an old stodgie Rush fan…

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