Why Have Children?

Interesting responses to Why have kids?, including:

I didn’t see “‘Cause my condom broke”. Haha.

Buried Alive-Looking

Modern Mummification:

Once again, Mummification is available. A very thorough, detailed, yet gentle process that allows one to be memorialized for eternity, Mummification is the only form of Permanent Preservation. The rites of Mummification allow you to leave this life in as beautiful a manner as possible.
Current costs for Mummifications services is $67,000 within the continental United States.

They do it for animals, too.

Why, why, why?! Just ground me up and use me for fertilizer.

Animated Music

Animusic, a 34 MB MPG video:

A real-time version of “Pipe Dream” from Animusic’s DVD entited ANIMUSIC – A Computer Animation Video Album.

The first time I viewed it the video and sound were out of sync because it was playing as it was downloading. Be sure you download it completely to appreciate its wonder; and turn up the volume.

ATI offers lots of cool demos to view.

(via J-Walk)