Jim and Esther Withdrawal

For the past two or three weeks, Jim (THE internet inventor) and Esther, the operators of Whole Wheat Radio, were on vacation. I found I didn’t tune in as much when they were gone; I missed:

  • Jim’s spontaneous opinionated interjections
  • Esther’s patient tolerance of Jim’s spontaneous opinionated interjections
  • Jim’s patient tolerance of Esther’s lack of computer knowledge
  • Esther pseudo-apologetic ignorance of what Jim’s talking about
  • Jim’s yelling to Esther in the other room asking if she wants to go out for a coffee he shouldn’t have because he’s already had one and is wired enough to give the Tasmanian Devil a run for his money
  • Esther convincing Jim to play the guitar with her and Jim belts out “Kum By Ya, My Lord!”
  • Jim’s reviews of: web sites, blog entries, news events, Talkeenta Natural Foods’ coffee, independent musicians, the lint between his toes, the weather, etc.

Happy to hear your live voices again, Jim and Esther.

Lies, All Lies

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