Create A New You

A New Identity, Inc. – Be The Person You Always Wanted To Be:

Why bother with credit card debt, car loans, and home mortgages when you can leave them all behind? All you need to do is complete our free evaluation form, tell us a little bit about yourself now, and who you would like to become in the future. We’ll analyze your information, determine the best identity for you, and send you a confirmation profile of the new you. Your identity will come complete with all necessary proof of existence, and cross-referenced by local and federal authorities. Once you accept your new identity, you may begin to enjoy the new you.

This is good:

Many people ask how this service is possible. Through the use of the internet and numerous organizations who exchange consumer information online, we are able to tap into this huge resource of personal and confidential information, modify it to your instructions, and provide you with an end product that exceeds your expectations.

That is, they’re stealing information from other people for you.

Cockpit Voice Recordings From Air Disasters

Cockpit Voice Recorder Audio Files:

… a selection of actual audio clips from recovered Cockpit Voice Recorders. Some individuals may consider these files to be of a graphic nature, and viewer discretion is advised.

I’m surprised these recording are available. I haven’t listened to any and I won’t; I can’t imagine the horror the passengers would go through in an air accident, let alone the pilots.

I Don’t Think Nicholson Baker Likes George Bush

Nicholson Baker‘s new novel, Checkpoint, is receiving a lot of attention, as explained in It’s only fiction, but is it legal?

An author’s dramatization of a fact-based argument about killing President Bush makes Michael Moore’s diatribe in ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ look tame by comparison – and may push the boundaries of free speech.

A great way to ensure your book’s a bestseller. I hope it’s as good as Vox and The Fermata (my favorite).

The Pregnant Man

A pregnant guy?The First Human Male Pregnancy:

The umbilical cord and placenta are implanted into Mr. Lee’s body. The metabolic exchanges between the fetus and patient, between mucosal with chorionic tissues, are almost analagous to female pregnancies. For more information, please see our Science of Male Pregnancy web page.

Warning: disturbing photo of a pregnant man in his underwear on the site’s home page.