Pi Isn’t Infinite?!

Mathematicians Stunned when Computer Reaches Final Digit of Pi:

“We just wanted to get to 1.5 trillion places,” said Kudo. “We intended no harm.”
Kanada’s team has volunteered to continue building on pi by generating random numbers, but the mathematical community seems to feel it wouldn’t be the same.

So what is the final digit?!

(via J-Walk)

3 Replies to “Pi Isn’t Infinite?!”

  1. Is that real? They talked about a lot of farcey things. Like talking about star trek and shit. I don’t know if I believe that site, I mean, pi has to be infinite.

  2. I was about to post this link to my other daily sites, when i read this on the right hand side:
    “Norway Files for X-Prize, Claiming Vikings Beat SpaceShipOne to Space”

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